Published on : 22 July 20213 min reading time

Nowadays, it is very difficult not to follow the advances in terms of technology and innovation for the sake of competition and performance. Thus, the use of efficient tools is essential for the success of an advertising campaign. However, it is essential to put in place better marketing techniques to have optimal visibility on the web through referencing, so as to reinforce the notoriety of a company.

Online advertising campaigns: how to take advantage of a powerful tool?

The volume of marketing data to be processed on the web is now colossal, making some marketing campaigns and paid search (SEA) agencies almost ineffective. However, competition in the digital world is becoming increasingly tough, hence the need for a powerful tool via artificial intelligence for marketing automation. The implementation of a good digital strategy starts with a better processing of big data and the acquisition of data traffic, so as to optimise the campaign scenarios. Only a qualified specialist who has developed his own SEO tool will be able to carry out these complex tasks successfully. This is why it is essential to turn to an agency that specialises in this field.

What is marketing automation?

Digital marketing is now the only section of the advertising market that is growing. It is worth noting that digital advertising has reached 47% of business expenditure in France. Currently, marketing automation is becoming more and more accessible and making life easier for every advertiser. This process finds its meaning in the automation of marketing campaigns, according to predefined conditions and user behaviour thanks to artificial intelligence. Indeed, its operation is simple. Assuming that a user visits your site and enters his or her details, the smart data collects information about this future customer. This way, your site can send an automatic e-mail to the latter on his birthday, for example. This automation makes it possible to influence visitors and improve your company’s relationship with the customer in the long term. This way you can generate a few sales for very little investment.

How to optimise an advertising campaign?

For the optimisation of an advertising campaign, data analysis and processing are essential, because this big data must be used to enable better referencing. Good digital marketing is based on creating a sectioned audience and personalised advertisements. In fact, it is necessary to build personalised lists, based on the information collected in your CRM, in order to target visitors and convert them into potential customers. However, there are tools that can do this work for you with smartdata platforms that integrate easily with the tools you already use. The two most effective types of advertising for traffic acquisition are search and display. However, the search or sponsored links component remains the main influencer, as it holds 58% of the advertising market. This is why it is necessary to have a better online referencing thanks to marketing automation.