When your company has a well-developed and strategically planned application, it conveys a better brand perception to your customer. In fact, your customer will start to see your brand in a more technological, modern way and in tune with global technology trends. Many agencies are interested in creating applications for your business. However, the question is: how do you find the best digital agency to create the right app for you?

Make your choice according to the technology you are looking for

An important point for your choice concerns the platforms you will make available in your application. The most used are ios and android and other platforms, using highly scalable and robust languages and architectures thanks to technologies such as Swift, Java, XCode and Android Studio. As these are different systems, their programming requires different knowledge and practices. The agencies plan the entire project. So, from the start, your application will be designed to run on the chosen systems. The complex functionality and features required to create your application will have an impact on the price. So make sure the developer fits within your budget.

Types of application developers in Paris

There are four main types of web application developers, although you can find many subsets (such as specialisation in a particular vertical or platform). On the whole, enterprise tends to be more expensive, but has the most powerful and fastest means of ensuring a better user experience. Shops are more like small craftsmen and the last category is independents. Enterprise (in-house): large companies that usually do everything from designing your application to creating, testing and publishing it. They tend to require the largest budgets and their designers and coders are mostly employees. Enterprise (outsourcing): The main difference between these and the companies above is that they employ freelancers to work on your project. This allows greater flexibility - perhaps you already have a user interface, or have coding skills, but would like something designed. It also reduces costs. Mobile development through these companies is indeed cheaper. Boutiques: These studios can be as small as a two-person team. They take on fewer projects and provide high levels of polish and also tend to be highly specialised in particular types of applications or verticals. Freelancers: You can find someone willing to do it all (design, coding, testing, publishing), but the truth is that the people who can do it all and do it well are few and far between and very expensive. It is not impossible to create a smartphone application with freelancers, but it adds a lot of work and uncertainty.

Steps to hiring an application developer in Paris

First of all, identify what you want from digital. This is the starting point for everything else, as it will decide how you evaluate your future digital agency. Once you are clear on this, it becomes much easier to talk to the digital marketing agencies you are interested in. Next, look at the agency's identification, experience and certification information. There are a few basic questions you should ask here: - How long has the agency been in the market? - Who is the team behind it and how credible are you? - Is it certified by Google and Facebook? - What kind of clients did they work for? - And another important point, how long do average client relationships last? This last point is usually very revealing not only about the quality of the work, but also about the quality of service of the agency in question. It is always a good idea to check the portfolio of the application developer. Previous experience in your field or industry can not only get you a better web application, but also a cheaper product.