Known to the general public as a customary tool for obtaining the opinions of visitors and guests, the guestbook is a free expression medium at events. Although it is meant to be interactive and fun, it is sometimes perceived differently. Thanks to the evolution of technology and digital technology, the fabulous human mind has created new alternatives to the famous book. To engage the public and feel closer to them, event hosts are using a new and more engaging tool: the interactive guestbook.

What is an interactive guestbook?

To define what an interactive guestbook is, you need to know what a guestbook is. Historically, the guestbook was originally a register where the names of noble families were written in gold letters. It was intended for guests or visitors of prestige who could testify of their passage, in an event or a place of exhibition, such as museums. Later, it became a more or less usual object, where everyone could write. Sometimes he had to write on it to witness an exchange between hosts, guests and event. With the entry of the world in the digital age, the guestbook will know then a light oblivion, before everything is computerized. The interactive guestbook keeps the same principles and values of the traditional guestbook. This is an online guestbook, where the messages of the public, recorded with different digital media, are stored in a computer, then broadcasted on a huge virtual wall, or several screens, in order to give them life and animate the public who participated, before assembling them all and giving a desired shape, a logo or a keyword.

The advantages of the digital guestbook

Among other things, the same advantages as with a classic guestbook are attributed to the use of digital guestbook. The latter is the best tool to develop a certain level of interactivity with the public. In a digital book, space problems are far from being an issue, whereas a classic guestbook has a page limit. Moreover, the messages of the guests are safe in an electronic database or server, far from the physical reprisals that a book can suffer, and always accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet. A major advantage that differentiates the digital guestbook from the classic book, is the possibility of establishing a gallery of images or videos recorded in real time, for the guest to then express their opinions and gratitude. This reinforces the emotion in the message and allows anyone viewing the book to relive the moments of the event embedded in it. In addition, tools are added to the digital book so that the writer can write the message as they wish, draw, highlight, color, etc...

Why use an interactive guestbook?

In the case of family events or specific events with festive purposes, the main purpose of using an interactive guestbook is to recreate the emotions, to make them come alive while animating the event. Not only an interaction takes place between hosts and guests, but also between the guests themselves. This creates the feeling of being closer and gives a strong impression that will mark the day. This is based on the principle that they are given the floor and the opportunity to express their feelings, as well as to experience what others have experienced in this event. Interactive guestbooks also play an important role in the digital marketing of companies. First of all, because knowing the feedback of the customers allows to know them better, but also to make improvements in the future. Secondly, because giving free rein to their opinions helps to build loyalty to the company. This customary tool takes advantage of customers' emotions, in order to create a link between the brand and its consumers by inscribing in their memory the event that moved them. This impact will keep the target customer's eyes riveted on the host company.

How to have an interactive guestbook?

Basic digital book software and applications have been around for years and offer the minimum, which a guestbook should serve. However, there are online companies and websites, which offer to create a personalized digital guestbook, corresponding to the colors of the company or the style of the event, to the preferences of the guests. This, while surprising the guests. On the other hand, some platforms even offer different types of packages, depending on the needs. Another possibility is the video guestbook, requiring only a camera on a stand and a remote control for each shot. A specialist will take care of the editing. To make use of the interactive guestbook, it is necessary to consult the different packages offered by online companies, which will provide the client with the necessary digital media to collect the messages of the guests or visitors, in order to broadcast them later. It is also their lot to have a technician, to take care of the computer details, supervised by a representative of the company or the hosts. It is also possible to use an online guestbook to save yourself some trouble. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to equip yourself with the supports. The messages can then be broadcasted, while being accessible on an online platform.

How does an interactive guestbook work?

An interactive guestbook works in much the same way as a classic guestbook. It is made available to the guests, via tablets, placed in every corner of the event venue or brought by hostesses, to reinforce participation. For the same purpose, the hosts often explain that the messages will be broadcasted on a giant virtual screen. Visitors can take photos or videos, write their opinions about the event or express their gratitude by drawing with their finger or with a stylus. They can choose the color from a predefined palette and thus, get fun or aesthetic satisfaction. The data recorded by the digital media is then transferred through a wireless network, connected to a computer, database or server. In other words, the digital guestbook will be controlled by a technician and a moderator. Once the messages have passed under their careful eyes, they can filter the messages to be broadcast, to avoid possible malicious comments. The public will then enjoy the broadcast of all the messages on the big screen, and can be moved and amazed by their participation, as well as that of the other guests. The grand finale, which consists of making all the messages a visual medium, forming a key word or slogan, or the company logo, will act as a link marking this event, and will bring the hosts and guests even closer together.