Although offering original, qualitative and targeted content is one of the conditions for good long-term referencing, it may not be enough to be well positioned on Google. Indeed, the integration of links counts even more for the ranking algorithms of search engines. But why is this important and how can you ensure the quality of your links?

Links to build an effective SEO strategy

When it comes to links in SEO, backlinks are certainly the most well known since they are links pointing to your site. Search engines usually favour a better positioning for sites that they consider more interesting for Internet users. These sites considered more interesting are mainly those that are talked about on the web. But how do search engines define that a page is talked about? They do so by looking at the links that point to the page in question. If a site includes a backlink to one of your pages, this is equivalent to a vote that will improve your ranking. In other words, the more backlinks to your site, the more votes you get. As a result, your natural referencing or SEO will be better. Note however that a link is only important if it is good.

But what is a good link?

If backlinks can considerably optimise your referencing, especially when they are of good quality, links that are judged to be bad can however penalise your site. In order to avoid any sanction, it is advisable to know the factors determining the quality of a link, namely the notoriety of the site creating the link and the proximity of the target audience. The reputation of the site that created the link is essential. Obtaining backlinks from well-known sites such as Amazon or Wikipedia will improve your rankings as they already have an excellent ranking. Also, getting a link from a site that deals with the same subject as you will mean that Google will see your page as a reference.

Things to watch out for when creating and obtaining links

Generally speaking, backlinks are essential to be well referenced. The more backlinks you get, the better your page will rank. Ideally, links coming from sites working in a similar activity to yours will be more valued by search engines. Conversely, a link from a site that is not highly regarded by Google or that is not directly related to your topic will have a negative impact on your ranking. Finally, think about creating anchors attached to the keywords and expressions on which you are positioned.