Published on : 23 July 20212 min reading time

Since 2015, an update was made to Google. This was mainly about punishing websites that did not adapt to Mobile Friendly. Apparently, after this year, the sites that were not in configuration of the mobile support are not part of and are not displayed in the first pages of Google. It is therefore necessary to adapt its website to mobile to better optimize and ensure maximum SEO. What are the techniques to make this change and adaptation?

The “Responsive Design” system

Google offers the solution “Responsive Design” or “adaptive” design. This is the optimal adaptation. This is an official solution recommended and offered by Google. This solution for the adaptation of the website for mobile allows to adapt the configuration of the site to the terminal used. The website adapts automatically regardless of the size and scope of the screen. Whether you use a tablet, a mobile or a computer, the pages of the website remain identical. It is only the layout that changes to better adapt to the specificity of the terminal concerned.

Adapting to the mobile version

It is preferable to develop a separate mobile version to give your visitors a tailor-made solution for each terminal. If we practice this solution, it is very expensive and very hard to do because it is to create a site specific to mobile users. The mobile version requires the creation of a second site specifically and only for smartphones. The objective in adapting the site to mobile is to give different users a better navigation such as the menu, design and content. You can make the removal of what you think unnecessary for each terminal. There are also tools specifically designed for mobiles such as geolocation.

The “WordPress plugin” solution

The plugin is another solution you can use. To enable your site to adapt to mobile, it is necessary to use WP Touch, a free plugin. Adaptation by the plugin solution is used to set up the website without changing the format or design. The important thing is to make a website optimized for the different terminals used by the target internet users. The wordpress plugin is the most suitable solution because it does not require high cost.