When you search for something on the internet, the same page always appears at the top of the list. It may surprise you that there are millions of results, but one website is well ranked compared to the others. This is because the website has adopted a good SEO strategy. This is natural referencing. It is therefore essential to improve visibility on the Internet. But, how to make a SEO strategy?

What is SEO?

As its name suggests, it consists of referencing something. It is also defined by the action of registering on the search engine. Contrary to what everyone thinks, it is not only intended for websites, but it is also possible to reference a video, an image, or other extensions. Any form of indexing to ensure the traceability of something in a database is also a referencing. There are two types of referencing. Natural or organic search engine optimization or SEO and sponsored or paid search engine optimization or SEA. These two types are used differently and their operating principles are not the same. Nevertheless, they can be used together. However, it is preferable to opt for natural referencing since it is valid for long periods. While sponsored search is limited in time. In this case, a good seo strategy is essential to ensure the success of a website. However, the realisation of a natural referencing requires a thorough knowledge in the field. So, in order to optimise your platform, it is much more advantageous to call upon an agency specialised in seo strategy.

What is SEO?

Opting for natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to maximize the visibility of a website. This technique allows your website to be better positioned on search engines. The work consists of studying the following three parts: the popularity of the site, the content of the pages and the technique. The popularity of the page is ensured by incoming links. Secondly, the content of the page must not contain duplicate content. The keywords used must be similar to those used by Internet users. The SEO agent must adopt a technique that can organise the data tree. Thus, popularity, semantics and technique are the three pillars of a well-positioned website.

How to make an SEO strategy?

The following four parts should be taken into consideration when developing a seo strategy. These are: linking, optimisation, keywords and optimisation review. First, for linking, assess how many other websites are talking about your platform. Indeed, search engines use your popularity within the entire internet network to evaluate your place in the search results. In this case, you should mobilise your participation in blogs, social networks, etc. to increase your visibility and linking. Next, keywords are very important for natural referencing. On the same page, avoid targeting different keywords. Also, use suitable keywords for each page to be referenced. Furthermore, the optimisation of the seo strategy of the web page is done by using standardised HTML markup. Examples include the title tag, meta description tag, strong tag, urls and anchors, redirects, charset and editorial content. Finally, regular reviews of the optimisations should be carried out. Indeed, it is necessary to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the natural referencing that has been carried out on the web pages. This makes it possible to update and modify the seo strategy in order to optimise it.

How to optimise your SEO strategy?

The establishment of a seo strategy is a rather complicated process. Indeed, you are not the only one to launch a product or a service on the internet. As a result, you are likely to come across other platforms promoting the same thing as you. Thus, competition becomes quite tough. So, in order to get your web page listed, the following tips will help you. First, identify keyword opportunities. To do this, find out what your target audience might type in the search bar. In fact, there are applications that can identify the keywords that most people type on a subject. This software is called a keyword generator. Then, spying on your competitors will give you an idea of their seo strategy and an opportunity to anticipate their action. As a result, you will find keywords that you have not used before. Then, adopt long tail keywords, i.e. composed of at least 4 words. This weakens the competition and the cost. Finally, work on the internal linking of your web pages. Making links between several articles will help you to better reference your website naturally.