With all your dedication, you ensure the permanence of the CSE in order to meet the expectations of your employees, week after week. But the periods of confinement have shown how important it is to find new ways to stay in touch with the employees, especially when teleworking is developing. It is likely that these new trends will continue: why not equip your works council with a modern and personalized internet solution that will meet the new needs of your employees.

Create your CSE 2.0

Cell phone apps have profoundly changed the habits of the French, avoiding a certain number of trips and facilitating the circulation of information. To benefit from the services of the CSE or to access the information you have to transmit, a website allows you to be permanently present with your employees. They may wish to get information on weekends or outside your opening hours. As many CSE's have indicated, the administrative time linked to the social services of the CSE is extremely heavy, and you would like to devote your delegation hours to tasks with higher added value.

CSE elected representatives: opt for a new online administrative assistant

During your physical meetings, many employees will ask you recurrent questions, to which you provide a practical answer, which they could have consulted elsewhere. Knowing when the vacation voucher campaign starts, knowing if there are cinema tickets available, whether it is possible to have a participation of the CSE for their sports subscription... A website will allow you first of all to display permanently the list of benefits to which the employees can claim. But you will also be able to indicate the additional services you have decided to offer, and to make them known: legal service, concierge service, etc. In addition to this permanently available communication, you can allow employees to order their benefits online, so that you can process a large number of requests at the same time at the chosen moment, without responding to each request as it comes in. This is the way to save a lot of administrative time of the CSE, and to devote this time to other activities.

Rediscover the essential role of your CSE elected representative: listen and help your employees

Of course, your employees expect their CSE representatives to be able to benefit from the services offered by the works council, but if you can delegate part of this administrative time by becoming a member of an internet solution, the time you will save will be much better used: first of all, you will gain in productivity because the website will systematize and present all the requests to facilitate their treatment, according to the general conditions, at the time you have chosen. In less time, you will be much more efficient. But beyond this time saving, you will offer a new experience to your collaborators: more available elected officials, listening to their problems, their difficulties with their managers, their workload, organizational concerns that are often left under the carpet. Your impact and influence will be reinforced by your availability to listen. This will make the difference in supporting your employees and improving their working conditions. Devote yourself to the real role of an elected representative, that of representing employees in social dialogue meetings, of putting forward their wishes and problems to management. They will be grateful to you.