The advertising campaign is an important step in the launch of a company's product or service. It is a kind of commercial communication to attract consumers or customers. In a way, it becomes a necessary element before the sale of a product. In order to succeed in an advertising campaign, a few steps must be followed to achieve the defined objective.

Step 1: target your customers

The first step to a successful advertising campaign is to target the main customers. These may be young people, adults or the elderly. It is essential to know beforehand who to target in order to be as relevant as possible. In this first step, it is essential to target a large number of customers, not just one consumer. Some products can be provided once a year, others are useful every day. For this reason, it is essential to know the consumers according to the offer and the opposing parties. This customer visibility also helps to know the budget for the product launch in a company. All kinds of persuasion strategies should be adopted to attract the customer. Once the customer is targeted, it is important to define the strategy for the creation of the advertising campaign.

Step 2: Develop a good media strategy

There are several media used for a successful advertising campaign. It is only necessary to have a good visibility towards the media to achieve the objective of the product launch. The media strategy can be done through: internet, poster advertising, newspapers, magazines, commercials (radio, television). All means are good to seduce customers in the advertising campaign. However, the advertising message must be well defined. This is the last step for the success of the campaign.

Step 3: Adopt a good slogan as an advertising message carrier

In order to capture the public's attention quickly, the best slogan should be adopted. The shorter it is, the more original and striking it is. The message should be short so that it is easy to remember. In this case, you have to be creative. The slogan is also part of a marketing strategy for the product. For the success of the advertising campaign, the slogan must achieve two goals, namely: understanding the message and memorization. Thus, a well-crafted message is a sign of excellent advertising.