Each website has its own characteristics. The website lives in a competitive market in which its profitability is paramount. In this sense, an effective strategy should be put in place to optimise a website. The role of SEO in the optimisation of a website is crucial.

Understanding the role of SEO

From the outset, referencing or SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, refers to all the techniques relating to improving the positioning of a website on the pages of search engines. The role of SEO is to increase the quality and visibility of a website in search engine results. There are different types of SEO: SEO or natural search engine optimization, SEA or paid search engine optimization; SEM or marketing management which includes SEO and SEA. SMO or social media optimisation. SEO depends on three factors, content, and technique the popularity of the site.

SEO: to increase the visibility of a site

SEO is based on content, especially keywords. Referencing must take into account changes that enable the site to compete on an equal footing with its competitors. By having the relevant information, a company is able to adjust its natural referencing strategy in the best possible way. To optimise its positioning, the use of SEO professionals is necessary. The traffic generated by Google search engine optimisation is an important source of revenue in the long term. Compared to an ordinary advertising campaign, SEO profits materialise over time through the notoriety and number of visits to a website.

Referencing: to evaluate a site

Search engine optimisation (SEO) enables pages to be positioned on various keywords or expressions on a well-defined traffic. Subsequently, Internet users access the site through targeted queries based on the content they are looking for. However, positioning is not the only criterion to observe in SEO. An SEO strategy consists of improving the environment and popularity of a site. In addition to natural traffic from search engines, there is also indirect traffic from social networks and media, as well as from links or backlinks on the site. In order to optimise, it is essential to know what exists. The SEO audit allows an analysis of the effectiveness of a website in terms of search engine optimisation. The SEOs help to identify the actions to be implemented to improve the positioning on relevant content.