Custom applications offer significant advantages over standard applications, especially when it comes to business management applications (or ERP) or digital transformation. Nowadays, there is another solution that allows all these applications to be optimised, namely custom development. But what exactly is it and why do it?

Understanding the IT world

There are two types of software to carry out a web project. First of all, there are operating systems and then there is application software. An operating system is the part that runs when the computer starts up and performs the basic functions. Many operating systems currently exist under a variety of names. They serve as the starting point for installing and running application software and games. Be aware that some software is in the mass market sector. This is software that is purchased with a few special features and is the same for everyone. Furthermore, these software packages have their place because they perform the general tasks that are all the same for all domains. When it comes to managing your specific needs, especially if you are a digital project manager, these types of software will quickly reach their limit. That's when you need to look elsewhere. In the industrial sector, it is useful to automate processes to optimise productivity.

Why custom development?

When you hear about custom software during the course of a digital project, you are talking about software applications that are developed according to specific needs. They are sometimes unique or comparable to some others and sometimes have singular aspects. The purpose of using such software for an agency to accomplish tasks is to effectively increase the profitability of the process. The use of the software should have less effort compared to the manual process. This will lead you to talk about the two types of software that can optimise profitability: solutions that can generate or increase your income and those that can limit expenses. In general, if software can do all of these things at the same time, it will be more profitable. There are many ways to use software solutions to increase your business income. At the base, there is online sales software. It gives you access to markets by increasing the number of buyers. By displaying your products on the internet, it is possible to simplify the buying and decision-making process. For this type of software there are so-called "semi-ready-to-use" software packages. These offer in principle the basic functions of application development such as product, purchase, buyer and inventory management. Sometimes these functions are developed in a general and very basic way. It is then possible that these kinds of software will cover a better part of your requirements, but there will probably be some gaps to fill.

Other reasons for doing so

Some software may exist to fill a gap in project management. It's important to define your needs beforehand, which will help you guide the development of the software so that it can fill that gap, especially if you have a digital agency. If you want to fill in the space under a staircase to add storage, you can go and buy furniture and reduce this loss of space or make a custom-made storage unit. It is possible to have a functional solution with commercially available furniture. Sometimes it's safer to have a better solution to develop custom software. In fact, the same is true for custom web development. The software solutions on the market are there to meet your most common needs with a few standard contexts as a base. As for custom software, it allows you a good fit with their environments. Even if there is software on the market that meets your needs, it will essentially offer several features that you will not need and that will make it difficult to use the desired features. Customised software, on the other hand, can offer you precisely the features you need. Hence the need to identify your needs. Therefore, in order to understand this concept, you need to apply the basics.