The marketing method evolves with the performance of the means on which it is based. Since its inception, it has always been in the company of advertising as its complement. This is the reason for their close collaboration. Marketing, whose purpose is to sell a product of a particular brand, constantly uses advertising as a communication tool to make itself known to the public and also to persuade them. Therefore, through the action of advertising, a brand can become, or not, a demand and can then impose itself in the choice of its users. Find out more about the impact of advertising in this article.

Advertising as a factor in disturbing choice

Nowadays, with the explosion of competition in the world of commerce, the creation of similar products of all brands is growing. And in the advertising of its promotion, each brand claims to be the best and most ideal compared to the others. Thus, by the impact of advertising, making the right choice on this or that brand has become a total uncertainty on the side of the buyers. Also, to challenge themselves, some producers use the method of brand confusion which is sometimes difficult to distinguish and even leads to the wrong selection.

Advertising as an incentive to compete

Advertising as a means of mass communication can reach both the producer and the buyer. The creator of a brand, affected by the impact of the advertising of his antagonists, is obliged to defend his own. This is to avoid being overwhelmed by the effectiveness of others. And since this irresistible influence does not allow him to get out of the ring of combat. Especially if he wishes to remain in his position on the market by keeping his image. Thus, advertising is a weapon in the fight to survive the aggression of its competitors.

Advertising as a permitted false manipulation

With its charming arguments and very attractive images, not all publications of an advertisement are necessarily true. Because, in order to attract its targets, technically, an advertisement has to provide seductive information, capable of diverting the visual attention and cognitive behaviour of the latter. Sometimes, the borrowed animations do not correspond or only slightly correspond to the published object. They are only exploited in order to excite people's curiosity. In any case, the impact of misleading advertising is always negative and can lead to a loss of interest in the brand.