In effect everywhere, advertisements help build brand awareness and ultimately expand sales with increased turnover. However, companies should not overlook the fact that competition is tough and that every brand is trying to outdo its competitors in terms of visibility. So if you want to stand out, favour brand content. Today, brand content is the buzz in the digital world. What are the advantages of this strategy?

What is brand content?

Brand" is a term used to describe branded content. Instead of focusing on the promotion of a single service or product, brand content is about putting the brand forward by creating a world of its own and also through storytelling. This content can be created internally by the brand, by a content or communication agency, by freelancers or even by consumers. The aim of this strategy is to disseminate and communicate the brand's vision and values to its customers. And to create an emotional and close relationship with them, the intention is to touch its target in an intimate way. Brand content asserts the brand's image, demonstrates its expertise or generates traffic and expands its audience. Editorial content can be advice, forums, reports, how-to articles, etc. It is presented on the internet or in different forms such as videos, paper magazines, books, exhibitions, games, TV content, etc.

Why choose brand content?

By favouring brand content, the content produced within the framework has a strong viral capacity. In fact, they tend to be shared by a large number of users at a considerable speed, thus increasing the visibility of the brand. Brand content consists of creating content that encourages buyers to act and react. It conveys messages that encourage audiences to participate in support of your brand. Like content marketing, it can set the policies of traditional advertising, introducing its own approach entirely. The benefit of opting for branded content creates a foundation of trust. In this day and age, trust is central to business relationships. But away from promotional clich├ęs, without an assertive or clear positioning, you will not have the possibility to have trust. This is why brand content is essential, it allows you to clarify the location of your brand and establish a foundation of loyalty on which a long-term brand-customer relationship will be built. This relationship favours an approach with the audience without the brand being too commercial.

How to set up an effective brand content strategy?

Remember that brand content is about being distinctive and therefore likely to offer something new, or at least different. So, there are some basic notions that need to be respected. First, you need to determine formal objectives in line with your brand image. Start by knowing why you want to create a brand content strategy, for traffic or image or awareness, loyalty or conversion. Then define the precise direction to follow. In the next step, know your target audience because that is who the content is aimed at. Determine exactly who your target customer is and understand their values so you know how to get their attention. Is he a young person who is sensitive to dreams or humour, a sportsman looking for adrenaline and action? What terms do they use? What need? Then determine the type of content to use: videos, newsletters, photos, article writing, podcasts, etc.