Published on : 22 July 20215 min reading time

At a time when the digital professions are constantly developing, demand has become greater than supply. In order to make up for this lack of skills, several training courses have been set up. This gives us a wide choice of possible professions around this sector of activity. In particular, web development has a very high profile and this is unlikely to change in the years to come. Whether you want to convert or whether you have always been interested in the profession of developer, following a corresponding training could change your life.

Web developer, a new profession at the cutting edge of technology

The number of young people attracted to IT careers continues to multiply at the moment. This is probably due to the large group of professions of higher level that they offer. Among them, that of the web developer is especially open to the future. As a key player in any development team, he knows the secrets of computer science and is the one who will bring to life the visual representations of a web application or a site. Indeed, when you go on the web, there is always a web developer behind who has designed the architecture of the whole site for the users. But in order to find a good place and a wide lead over the competitors, this very developer has to ensure a permanent maintenance of a technology watch. As an evolving profession, technologies obviously advance in parallel with the web world. It is undoubtedly a profession that has not finished attracting the world and that promises plenty of experiences to discover in the digital world.

A special place in the company

Today, more than ever, almost all companies and communities are going online. Everyone is looking for a beautiful, original and efficient website. This is why a web developer is a real engineer who plays an indispensable role in a company, both for its visibility and its profitability. Becoming this engineer does not present any risk of being left without a job if you choose the right training. Also, it is important to know that a web developer is linked to a technical project manager and works on projects that are different from each other. He or she can work in many different fields of activity, such as banking, e-commerce, telecommunications or the automotive industry. You can also become a web developer in an ESN company, a web agency or a start-up. Even better, it is possible to work in a large company or in a small or medium-sized business, even as a self-employed entrepreneur. In short, by joining the big family of web developers, you are building a secure future that will allow you to discover new challenges, techniques and different ways of working every day.

Acquire important skills through web development training

When you choose to take a web developer training course, you learn a lot of technologies and can already prepare yourself to specialise in a particular programming language. From cutting, assembling and integrating each element of a graphic design to creating and managing a database, there is plenty to venture into. With the various languages that, with a little patience and passion, are not complicated to understand, you will be able to reach your goal little by little. Being able to build a nice fluid website that will adapt to each type of screen (PC, tablet and smartphone), putting several animations on the web pages, everything is possible as long as you care. With the tools in place, you will be able to link a user’s actions to a reaction on the page, manage multiple user accounts or use third party data (API) by connecting to a web service. Finally, one of the most important tasks you should master is handling possible exceptions and errors in order to design a good maintainable site.

A profession that offers attractive salaries

For those who are already in the development world, the remuneration of a web developer is very attractive even at the beginning of their career. Today, a junior web developer can expect a gross salary of between 2,000 euros per month and around 30,000 euros per year. A good freelance web developer is likely to find much higher salaries, depending on the project in question. Depending on specialisation and years of experience, a web developer can earn twice as much. In fact, there are job offers of more than 65,000 euros per year for an experienced qualification and this is not uncommon. For an intermediate, you can find an average of 45,000 euros per year, depending on your skills. By following a web development training course, you will be given the keys to finding your first job as a web developer, in addition to all the learning techniques. Knowing that at the end of the training, you will have all the chances on your side so that you can perfect your skills and become one day an elite in this field.