Where to start when you want to create a website? The first thing you think of when you approach a web agency is: "I want a quality website. But "quality website" does not only mean "beautiful website" and easy to use, but a site optimized in different aspects such as technical, design, communication, SEO, that is to say a site optimized to achieve the objectives that we set to achieve with it. The variables that affect the quality of a website are varied.

Use professionals or companies

You must trust professionals with technical and customer management experience to create a website. Often, the person requesting the creation of a website has no experience in the field of web development and it is important to understand what are the objectives he sets in getting into the game on the web, what are his expectations and how they can intersect with the best practices of a quality site. A good technician can create a robust and aesthetically pleasing site. Often, you build a website, and the client, after being trained to manage it independently, may not be able to do so, falling into a panic after seeing the results of their management. It is obvious that an intervention has a cost, but often, the company or the agency to which you address has a very shifted orientation compared to the company. It is, therefore, essential to choose the professional or company that has a good approach to business and then to customers. This is fundamental to create a website not only in the phase of realization of the website, but especially in the next phase, when the website is online.

The cost

The cost of the site is important. A low cost often coincides with a poor quality, or better yet, a poor experience. The creation of a website is, today, a fundamental investment to be able to create new job opportunities. The internet is a virtual marketplace, an online shopping mall, a cloud business center, and your website is your virtual headquarters. It is, therefore, important to invest in a quality website, paying the right price and following the market value of a website, which guarantees an effective and, indeed, quality product. The advice is, therefore, not to choose on the basis of the lowest price. A high cost is, generally, (although there are exceptions) synonymous with quality because : The person or company you are relying on to create a site, as well as the front-end fees, is dedicating their time to the client: the more time spent, the more attention to analysis and detail; The cost takes into account what is called know-how, that is, skills are the sum of technical abilities and professional experience in the field in which you work. The experience includes the way to identify solutions to problems that may arise, the ability to solve certain problems creatively, the ability to identify the expectations of customers.


Before moving on to implementation, spend a lot of time on an SEO analysis of your website. This service should never be missing from a quote and you should never forget to consider it. A poorly maintained website from a SEO point of view will not give you good results. SEO is the set of techniques and expedients to make the website competitive in the search results. Taking care of the SEO aspect allows you to appear in the first positions on Google and other search engines when a search is made with keywords chosen by you and consistent with what is advertised on our website. The aspect of referencing is very delicate and fundamental for the achievement of the objectives that you want to reach with our website. Often, the concern of referencing can conflict with other needs, namely to have a beautiful website, full of animations and with few texts. Other times, however, you may fall into the mistake of inserting repetitive and redundant texts, making the website banal in terms of communication. It is essential to find a balance between all these aspects.