Searching for and choosing a good web agency in Aix-en-Provence can be complex if you do not have a precise methodology and a list of reliable criteria. Indeed, the offer is particularly diversified in terms of website creation: you will have to refine your choice by writing a detailed specification, then by selecting the digital expertise most adapted to your project. Here are three simple steps to help you find the web agency you really need!

Step 1: Formalize a precise and detailed specification

To choose the agency that will take care of your website creation in Aix-en-Provence, you will first have to formalize the needs of your company. Indeed, the projects of websites follow one another and are not alike: yours will have to translate as faithfully as possible the identity and the values of your company, without forgetting to develop your expertise and your offer of products or services. However, you have an efficient support to formalize your project: the traditional specifications, which are essential to present your organization and its needs to your future agency. To help you refine your selection and turn to the right provider, this key document should be as detailed as possible: in addition to the objectives pursued with your website creation, think of mentioning budgetary elements as well as a precise calendar to respect.

Step 2: choose the right web experts for your website project

Once you have a detailed specification to frame your project, you can begin to research and compare several agencies specializing in website creation in Aix. The key question to make the right choice is: do you prefer to work with a generalist or a specialized agency? In the first case, you will benefit from a complete range of expertise to carry out your web project, from the design of your site to its natural referencing or its promotion on social networks. In the second case, you will have a contact person specialized in a specific field of digital marketing: you will have to know the precise needs of your company to choose this expertise. In addition, the websites of the agencies you are interested in can provide you with interesting information at this stage of the selection process: compare their designs and performance, and don't forget to ask yourself if they are close to the result you want to obtain.

Step 3: Use the initial discussions to validate your selection criteria

The first two steps of this guide should allow you to make a preliminary selection and isolate three or four agencies specialized in website creation in Marseille and its surroundings. You will then be able to contact each of them, with your specifications and a list of specific questions. These questions should help you to evaluate the skills and sectorial knowledge of each agency: yours should have already worked for a company in the same sector if you want to facilitate the whole process. Moreover, the agency you will entrust with the design of your website in Aix-en-Provence should be available to answer all your questions, without forgetting the transparency of the applied rates: do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to make your final decision!