Advertising on a vehicle is becoming an excellent marketing medium for companies. It is an advertisement in motion that is easy to find by many people. Whether the targets are on the bus, on foot or on a terrace, they will automatically be attracted by a car covered with posters driving down the street. That said, professionals can easily succeed in their marketing campaign by choosing to put posters on a car.

What are the principles of an advertising car?

Do you already have a car covered with advertising stickers on the road? You should know that this is a means of communication chosen by a large number of SMEs and VSEs. The car owners are obviously paid because they promote the company's progress while driving. It is a good supplement to income that requires no effort or work. It is the companies that own the brand that pay as they fully understand the result of this mobile communication. In fact, the principle of an advertising car is simple: the brand gives you money and in exchange you put posters or stickers on your car. On your side, you don't have to change your daily shopping. All you have to do is turn your car into a car ad and meet the advertisers' requirements. The cost of this new activity varies according to the route you will take on a daily basis, the city and the areas you will drive through.

How do you get your car selected?

In order to advertise on your car, it is essential to follow a few selection criteria. First, you need an urban vehicle. Generally speaking, small cars are the most sought after by advertisers. In this case, if you have a recent city car, it becomes easy for you to enter this business. Secondly, where you live matters a lot for car advertising. If you live in the vicinity of major cities in France such as Paris, Lyon or Marseille, for example, you will have the opportunity to offer your car to companies. However, if you live in rural areas, you are less likely to be selected. Companies want to maximise their visibility in urban locations in France. Their aim is to maximise sales and/or present their service to as wide an audience as possible. Here, they no longer have to look for advertising channels as your car will become a powerful mobile marketing strategy. Finally, the third selection step is the speed of the car. Most professionals stress that the advertising vehicle should be driven at a moderate speed.

What are the conditions for hiring a car ad?

If you succeed in meeting the above-mentioned selection criteria, you can offer your car to advertisers. Once they accept you, you will quickly receive a short contract about the car ad. It is usually the advertisers who take care of putting up the posters on the car. This indicates that you will simply take the car to them to complete this step. Don't forget to mention the location of the displays so that the professionals can determine the rate. There are several types of ads that can offer you more or less money depending on its location. Posters can cover : the entire bodywork the right and/or left door the rear window (80 X 30 or full cover) the front bonnet the duo pack: (duo doors, front cover) the full pack: (full over or standard format) If some stickers do not match the colour of your car, it is necessary to inform the companies as soon as possible. As far as payment is concerned, it will be returned to you per month if you manage to respect the contract. You should know that the professionals get control agents to monitor you regularly. In case of non-compliance with the service, the advertisers can stop the clause and end the cooperation.

How to find a professional offering this service?

At present, an increasing number of local advertisers and online platforms are focusing on the car ad service. It is necessary to find out the list of the best companies so that there are no unpleasant surprises while you are offering your car. In fact, you should first research online and compare the offers of each website. Find out through user reviews to find the ideal platform. You can also choose one based on the journey you make each day, as well as your location. So, be sure to fill in complete and accurate information about your vehicle to increase the chance of being selected by the right companies. Your vehicle can be the choice of advertisers as they browse the list of different cars listed by examining the information. In short, putting advertising posters on a vehicle is an easy way to make money. If you have a car and regularly drive a lot of miles, you can change your car as an effective advertising medium.