Commercial management is often complicated and time consuming. Between prospecting, management of material purchases, quotations and customer orders, loyalty and communication, invoicing or accounting, etc... How not to lose the thread? But there are more and more solutions to improve your management! These solutions allow companies to optimize the management of their activity! Discover in this article these new tools, sometimes free, and sometimes paying.

Use a CRM

You want a solution to optimize your prospecting and customer follow-ups? Sales people don't have their notepad or prospect sheet all day long to manage their sales pitch. Many companies do not have a CRM and still use Excel... But wanting to do all this with a free software can be difficult. And that makes it problematic to close some sales! These softwares are sometimes essential and intuitive to do many things. They can indeed give you the possibility to gather information about your prospects, to anticipate your sales or to allow potential customers to make an appointment according to your availability. Some of these CRMs also provide access to dashboards to facilitate your work. Among the most famous CRMs, there is Salesforce which ensures that you spend less time on administration and more time on your sales. We can also mention Trello or Sendinblue which are good management tools with good features.

Have a solution for E-Commerce between professionals

If you sell to professionals, many solutions exist. Often less expensive than a classic website, fast and turnkey, these solutions can be beneficial for your business. Platforms like Huggii or Salesforce for example have been developed for manufacturers, wholesalers or suppliers. The creation of the product catalog and the technical part is managed by the company. These solutions are an excellent way to digitalize your business easily, while ensuring that you have a solution adapted to the specificities of B2B sales in a low cost manner.

Selling online

Giving customers the opportunity to order online will bring many benefits for everyone! Indeed, ordering online allows to set up specific delivery conditions, to have a visibility on the stock of products put online or to ensure that orders are secure. Indeed, the automation of the sale will allow you to remove a consequent workload in administrative management and to motivate the customers to buy.

Do your accounting yourself on the internet

To improve the business management of your activity, have you thought about an internet accountant? With the pandemic, the digitalization of activities have taken a new turn. For many companies, going to see their accountant wastes time and therefore money. The first advantage of going through professional accountants online is that all the missions can be done online and secondly: the prices! The latter can be significantly lower than traditional accountants. Among these online accountants, there is Keobiz. The rates start from 49€ per month and it gives you the opportunity to have advice and help for your accounting from A to Z

Which software for after sales service and invoice management?

If you want to get a commercial management solution, then you have to opt for CRM which allows you to simplify the invoicing, the accounting and the evolution of your sales. These tools will then be necessary from the prospecting to the signature of your customer. These solutions are regularly all in one. They indeed allow to decomplexify the process of commercial management and then help you to focus on important tasks, like the sale. The creation of quotes and invoices are generated on these CRM, electronic signatures are available and invoicing defined according to a cycle are also set up. The last advantage of this software is that you will be able to establish a direct link with your bank to control your cash flow easily. The Odoo tool can meet this need. This management software for companies offers a trial period to discover its features and make an opinion before subscribing.

Use a general public E-Commerce CMS

Several free e-commerce CMS are available in France. It is the case of Prestashop, Wix, Shopify, Magento or WordPress. These platforms are commonly used for the creation of an e-commerce website for individuals. However, these platforms are quickly limited in terms of so-called unusual features. For example, the B2B business which is very different, with many features and many needs cannot use these CMS. There are therefore many ways to optimize the management of your sales. You can therefore opt for a CRM, an online accountant, or a CMS.