Now well known to marketers, growth hacking (or marketing) is defined as an original and hybrid approach to communication. Although it is undeniably linked to digital growth levers, it is more of a new marketing philosophy than a specific technique. Let's take a look at its definition, before studying the objectives it pursues and the tools it uses.

Growth hacking: a hybrid approach to traditional marketing

Contrary to popular belief, growth marketing does not entirely revolutionize the basics of communication. It is not a specific technique, nor even a totally new tool: it is rather an original approach to marketing. Invented by Sean Ellis, a communication specialist from Silicon Valley, growth hacking offers us an effective strategy for growth on the web. It allows any company to improve its commercial performance, whether you start on your own or use a specialized agency.

Growth hacking: what are the objectives?

The objective of growth marketing is simple: it is to boost the growth of the company that uses it by all means available on the web. This growth will itself depend on several sub-objectives, such as traffic acquisition or customer retention. This marketing approach is based on five fundamental steps: acquisition, activation, retention, recommendation and revenue. These five pillars of growth hacking make up the AARRR framework, which can serve as an effective basis for experimenting and identifying the most profitable acquisition and sales channels for your company. You will finally be able to rely on the expertise of a qualified web agency to reach your growth objectives in the shortest possible time!

Growth hacking: which digital growth levers?

An efficient and profitable growth hacking strategy can be based on a multitude of digital techniques and tools. These are then subject to successive experiments, aimed at identifying the most effective levers for your business. You will be able to exploit the benefits of natural referencing, but also of paid referencing to improve the visibility of your website and generate traffic. You can also rely on the virality of communication campaigns on social networks to activate your prospect base and trigger purchases. Finally, content marketing can help you retain your existing customers and convert them into brand ambassadors. Not sure how to get started? An agency specialized in digital marketing consulting can help you design your web acquisition strategy: don't hesitate to compare the services of several specialists to choose the right one!