All companies that operate on the Internet need effective referencing to promote their activities and to position themselves well against their competitors. In particular, because it is only with its visibility that it can make contact with its customers. And whether it is for its one-off activities or for its better long-term positioning, an online company must choose the most suitable method so that its defined objective is successfully achieved. Since it ensures its development and prosperity. Hence the need to analyse SEO techniques. Discover in this article the difference between natural and paid referencing.

SEO is always about visibility

Natural or paid referencing, these two techniques are designed for the same purpose: to optimise the visibility of a site in the search engine results. But to achieve this action, they proceed differently according to the nature of their missions. As in the case of paid referencing, it is a particular service called for the publication of an exceptional or occasional sale. It promotes the company's reputation more and more immediately. On the other hand, SEO or natural referencing, supports a stability for a long time whose result can be measured only later.

Different strategies for a single vision

In terms of tactics, to put a site in a better position, natural or paid referencing has its own procedures. This depends on the nature of the site to be promoted. For the e-commerce type site, which works on the basis of keywords, the most suitable is SEA or paid referencing. The search engine automatically improves its position with each number of clicks made by its visitors on these keywords. The difference is that SEO focuses on the quality of the site so that it stands out from the rest.

Cost, the great and only difference between the two

The difference between these two types of referencing lies solely in the figure. It radically specifies one to the other and most often motivates the choice of its users. Paid referencing requires a budgetary means which is evaluated by the purchase price of the keywords. Whereas natural or free referencing is totally free of charge. Its performance depends only on the technical competence of the human resources. However, the adoption of both is possible, even advantageous, as they are complementary. Natural or paid referencing constitutes a non-negligible support tool.