In a highly competitive economic environment, companies need to stand out from their competitors. To do so, they need to develop their brand image through unique creative concepts. Therefore, this important task should be entrusted to communication experts, whose role is to design strategies and implement tools to achieve specific objectives. However, the company can choose between setting up an internal communication department and providing external services. Find out which solution is best.

Interns or work placements: the one-off solution

It is usually practical for companies to invite interns or work-study programmes to the exchanges. Indeed, these aspiring professionals are usually motivated and can bring new perspectives. They are also cheap labour. But beware, the law clearly states that companies with fewer than 20 employees may take on up to three trainees at any one time, and the number of trainees must also not exceed 15% of the number of employees in companies with 20 or more employees. Moreover, the duration of the internship may not exceed six months, so it is a one-off solution. Thus, entrusting students with communication is generally a good idea, provided that the qualified tutor can guide them, and it is only a temporary task.

Freelance: expertise and flexibility

Unlike students, freelancers are experienced professionals. Remember that showing your skills is the only way for you to acquire new customers, so continuing education to stay on top of new technologies is very important. You are also his best advertisement, which is why he will take your needs into consideration as much as possible and meet your expectations. Freelancers perform tasks on site or at home. He is also his own boss. This makes him particularly flexible and responsive, especially during his working hours. In terms of budget, companies charge less when they hire freelance workers. This compensates for their prices which are sometimes high. The service which is specialized internally can also be effective in communication being outside the web, without mastering new techniques which require digital technicality such as natural SEO and SEA referencing.

A communication agency: a multidisciplinary team at your service

For executives wishing to outsource their digital communication tasks, choosing an agency is crucial. Indeed, this solution has significant advantages: a standardized and comprehensive communication strategy, long-term support and an optimized budget. The communication agency generally brings together experts in the fields of web marketing, community management, press relations, IT development or even graphics. This makes it ideal for delegating its strategy from A to Z. It also makes it possible to standardize the actions that are implemented. Everything is, in fact, handled in the same place. Soliciting communications agencies can also give you long-term follow-up. Indeed, it is possible to entrust him with one-off and recurring tasks, such as making the annual greeting card. Unlike interns or freelancers, you can guarantee continuity of support, thus ensuring true consistency in communication and branding. Even in terms of budget, contacting an agency pays off. While delegating the implementation of communication tools to the same structure, you can promote the reuse of some elements, thus saving money and time. Therefore, this organization remains the most reliable and stable organization among the solutions for outsourcing corporate communications. The agency is also happy to assist you in the implementation of your project. Do not hesitate to contact her.